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"The First Seven" Runway Show

Feb, 12, 2021

Location: Spring Studios, New York, NY 10013

Collection by Xiaowu Zheng


Presented by One Management & OnTheWall.TV

Supported by Spring Studios

Runway Video

    Going back to my very first collection, Karma, I told the effects of mental depression and emotional struggles on one’s spirit through the deconstruction of everyday clothing. Psychotic, my second collection took a deep dive into the dark unconscious side of human brain to visit the “residents” who each holds a different piece of negative energy. I visualize them by using the existing human body as canvas then reshape it with clothing through the amplification of shoulders and experimentation on fabric draping. The story of my third collection Man in the Corner is about what the members of my fictional cult group would have to endure in my cult in search of discussion on the topic of violence and morality. For my graduate collection “The First Seven”, I took inspiration from Chinese mythology, Old Hong Kong Horror movies to speak out on the importance the freedom of making art itself. These collections of mine are all connected by the influence of horror from different angles. By utilizing symbolic imagery and environment from the horror genre as tools to demonstrate the social topics that I want to discuss for each collection. 

    The ultimate end goal for my collections has always been giving an opportunity for the viewer and wearer to reflect on the issues and problems we are facing as a generation through the looks of fashion. There is no result needed for these conversations, because the void is equality necessary as the drama, we eventual will require a piece of peaceful mind to absorb different ideologies and opinions.

    The concept for my show is to visualize the world progression from pre-pandemic to post-pandemic by using the Heat Death Theory as the metaphor. Heat Death theory is a conjecture of the end of the universe based on the second law of thermodynamics, that the universe will eventually run out of energy and the measure of disorder called entropy will dramatically increase. By that point, the universe would have become cold and lifeless due to its dominance by entropy and chaos. The dying process of the universe from order to chaos represents the unfortunate pandemic we were unconsciously stepping into, which almost seemed like the end of the world. 

Runway Looks

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