Xiaowu Zheng / Collection I “Karma” 18 Fall Winter Lookbook 
Photographer: Siqi Bian 
Makeup: Bingqiu Wu
Styling:Ziyi Li

    I wrote a song a year ago named ‘Karma’, and it’s about the depression I’ve been dealing with. So I put all that feeling of betrayal, anger and sadness into that song and this collection through the way of reconstructing the plain and normal clothes that people would wear for their day to day life.


    The society always has a certain expectation for different gender roles, and the idea of this collection is to break free from that traditional mindset. We are all prisoners and patients of the social environment and our own mind, and that’s what the models are representing: the young rebellion activists who are trying to change the world’s perception on identity, equality and sexuality, but being seen as the “freaks” in an mental asylum.