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XIAOWU ZHENG(b. 1998, Changsha, Hunan Province, China)


is an artist and fashion designer who currently lives and works in New York. He studied Photography at VIAR Summer Program Columbia University, New York in 2017 and he earned his B.F.A. in Fashion Design Program and minor in Film/Video Program from Pratt Institute in 2020. His works have been exhibited in United States, including Man in the Corner Solo Exhibition, Mu Project, Manhattan, New York(2019); ‘47 Redesign,‘47 Flagship Store, Boston, MA (2018) and Summer Photo Intensive Exhibition, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York (2017). 


Zheng focus on exploring and challenging the concept of morality, from the noisy moody stream of consciousness to the search of violence, mystery, horror and sex. Most of his works use clothing as a form of medium and outlet to illustrate the floating thoughts and dark emotions of his depression. Instead of shy away from those disturbing topics, he takes inspirations from the dark side of humanity and creates a utopia of chaos and violence. Besides from clothing, which is his specialty, Zheng collaborates with other artists from different fields to expand his work and idea through using different types of medium such as 3D modeling, installation, jewelry, film and photography. 

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