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Fashion Exhibition

Oct 1, 2022 - Oct 9, 2022

Location: Culture Lab LIC, Long Island City, New York, NY 11101

Curated by Xiaowu Zheng & Jessica Ridgby

Presented by Culture Lab LIC

Featured designers:

Alexix LIN, Amber Chen, Bonnan Li, Kanak Guo, Ni Ouyang, Roxxanne Zhao, V. Li Yixiao, Wanxuan Cao, Wanting li, Xiaowu Zheng, Xiia Cheng/Barbara, Yuxuan Liu, Yunyi Zhang, Zhimeng Liu, Elliot H X Jin

Exhibition Photo

    This exhibition features artwork and fashion collections from emerging Chinese artisans. The audience will have the opportunity to explore these artisan’s inner selves or “temples” by learning about the inspirations behind their artistic expression. 


    The main mission of this exhibition is to create more exposure for NY based Chinese artists in order to celebrate their culture and educate the public about their heritage.


    This exhibition represents diversity, inclusivity, cross-cultural values and faith. Through this unique visual and culture experience, visitors will be invited to reflect and explore their own internal temples during the exhibition.

'We Are' Exhibition & Runway Film

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