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Pratt Institute / Semester I Project

Apocalypse Hood.

    "I don' t know why it too so long for me to tell you this, I don 't think now is the right time, and I don 't think there is a right time for this. But, if you still want to have a Christmas without worries and confusion, please stop here.

Ok, seems like you decided to read the second paragraph. Then please be prepared while you are reading the following text .


    I remember the day when I was ready to got out of my room, I saw a guy who was standing in the hallway, holding his little note book, leaning by his door. I just felt the rush that makes me want to know him, the rush is nothing sexual, but I just felt my heart pounding and I didn't know what to do. However, after a hard struggle, I decided to open the conversation. Then the following story is something we all know, we became friends.

Even though, all my girlfriends at that time thought the guy likes me, but I knew the chance was small and the I really did not want to risk anything, and I felt it was enough for me to just stay in the friend zone.


    I was convincing myself that he is just your friend, however, like a android phone, sometime it works, sometimes not. When the guy was drunk and knocking on my door at midnight wanted me to watch movie with him, the part of the brain told me to tell him fuck off, but the other side was pushing me get off my bed, stay awake. I didn't know why the fuck I didn't leave when he was playing those movies that I really don't gives a shit, but, I just wanted to sit next to the guy, that was all I needed.


    Afterwards, he found another group of friends. He gradually stopped texting me,  eat breakfast with me, and hang out like we used to.I was kinda emotional, but at the same time I feel happy for him. I was thinking like maybe it's time for me move on and let him to just live his life.

I think I liked this guy, not like a typical friend, not like in a sexual way, but if I can, I do want to kiss him lol."

That's all I wanted to tell you, I think I liked you lol, and you really do not need to respond for this, all I wanted was to let you know( I don't know why, but I just want to, yeah, it's weird I know, people are weird)


Anyway, thank you for reading this, do what you have to do, have a wonderful Christmas, have a great winter break. Do what you gotta do and live your life.


Merry Christmas!"


Text Read, but never reply.

-12 / 25 /16

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